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Forgive me for my long absence, but -  
09:30pm 18/10/2008
Councilman vonFrood
-has everyone lost their who-fool minds!?

In what universal speck did it seem like a good idea for the relative of a Whovillian official to go traipsing off to the Outskirts? Did it not occur to the aforementioned relative that she would not be a welcomed presence? And that he or she might inspire a violent outburst? One that could only be interpreted as an act of war!? Idiocy. Sheer, unrelenting, stupefying idiocy. Where has all the blagggardly bloody common sense gone!?

A Whovillian of importance has been injured at the hands of Outskirt dwellers; an official's spouse was deep in Outskirts territory without official approval from both governments, which weakens our case: it doubtless served only to heighten the suspicion and fear of hostile takeover that the Outskirt dwellers harbour towards us. We have no choice at this point - the first stone has been thrown.

Mister Mayor, our hand has been forced. Truly I am sorry, but we must keep this under wraps. This is NOT TO LEAVE CITY HALL.

Whoville is at war.

-Chairman VonFrood
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Mayor's Eyes Only  
12:31pm 28/06/2008
Councilman vonFrood
I realize it has been quite some time since my last court update, but the situation has... worsened, somewhat.

Council Records, ClassifiedCollapse )

Nothing in Whoville is meant to go wrong. Ever since that blasted elephant nonsense... The public must not yet know; the council is still deliberating its course of action.

Yuck vonFrood, Chairman
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(no subject)  
06:30pm 03/04/2008
Councilman vonFrood
Apparently I've got quite a number of cavities. For this, I blame my sister's cooking. Going back in tomorrow for fillings, and such.

Council Goings-On, off the recordCollapse )

There has been a recent outbreak of vandalism in the form of graffiti. Thankfully these were considerate hoodlums, as they are found to be using a washable spray paint.

Councilman vonFrood
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(no subject)  
08:03pm 30/03/2008
Councilman vonFrood
I haven't the time to go over the records for today, I've a dentist appointment; I shall peruse them later at my convenience.

Court Record, Partial, sections 1A, 7D:
Transcribed by Court Official #17729, Summarized by Intern vonFroodCollapse )

I am quite certain the dentist's trip will go smoothly, my teeth - as are any vonFrood's! - are flawless.

Councilman vonFrood, Second from the Left
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(no subject)  
04:19pm 29/03/2008
Councilman vonFrood
My niece set up this useless thingamajig for me. Says it would be “helpful” to keep track of council records in this manner. Considering it is my bumbling niece, though, doubtless this will similarly fail to function.

There is a general air of unrest amongst the council as of late; disturbing rumors are drifting in from the outskirts of Whoville (an area slightly out of the bounds of governmental management) about aggressive behavior. Of course these are the selfsame neanderthalic, unorganized Whos who prefer their toast butterside down, so who’s to say they can be trusted at all? As of now we are dismissing the rumors to be merely that, rumors. As this is a matter of need-to-know basis, and as it is generally agreed the Mayor never needs to know, we have yet to inform the boob. As a result, we expect things to run smoothly.

Landscaping plans regarding the Truffula trees on the other side of town have been submitted for the approval of the council; they’ll be put up for consideration some time next week.

Also put up for consideration: the replacement of that bag Ms Yelp. Yes, I saw what she called me on her whoSpace, don’t think  you can get anything past these eyes.

Councilman vonFrood
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